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Washington Real Estate Practices Textbook

Washington Real Estate Practices Textbook - Rockwell Publishing real estate textbooks

9th Edition, 2015
Kathryn Haupt and Megan Dorsey
ISBN 978-1-939259-68-4
List Price: $44.95

Washington Real Estate Practices serves as the basis for the real estate practices course required by the Washington Department of Licensing. It provides an overview of the practical, day-to-day aspects of the real estate business.

An excellent reference book for the real estate professional, Washington Practices explains the latest real estate laws, regulations, and business practices in clear and easy-to-follow language. It teaches the essential skills that Washington real estate agents must master, including:

  • working with clients,
  • pricing property,
  • complying with fair housing laws,
  • filling out necessary agreements,
  • handling offers and counteroffers,
  • prequalifying buyers, and
  • guiding transactions through the closing process.

To bring the material to life, Washington Practices offers a wide variety of study aids, including examples of forms and worksheets, chapter outlines and summaries, quizzes with explanations, and a glossary with hundreds of real estate terms.

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