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Real Estate Appraisal Textbook

Real Estate Appraisal Textbook - Rockwell Publishing real estate textbooks

8th Edition, 2018
Joseph F. Schram, Jr
ISBN 978-1-939259-84-4
List Price: $44.95

Real Estate Appraisal provides a thorough introduction to real estate appraisal for those preparing to become licensed or certified appraisers. It also serves as a textbook in college-level and continuing education courses for real estate professionals.

Real Estate Appraisal gives a current overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on residential appraisal practices. The book covers:

  • steps in the appraisal process,
  • collection and analysis of appraisal data,
  • legal descriptions,
  • appraisal math,
  • analyzing highest and best use,
  • land valuation methods,
  • residential construction,
  • estimating cost and depreciation,
  • selection and analysis of comparables,
  • income capitalization,
  • appraisal reports,
  • appraisal of special interest properties, and
  • the appraisal profession.

Like all of Rockwell's textbooks, Real Estate Appraisal offers a variety of helpful study aids, such as detailed chapter outlines, practice exercises, chapter review quizzes with explanations, and a glossary containing hundreds of relevant terms.

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