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Georgia Real Estate Principles

Georgia Real Estate Principles Textbook - Rockwell Publishing real estate textbooks

2nd Edition, 2010
Kathryn J. Haupt (editor)
ISBN: 978-1-939259-08-0
List Price: $51.95

Georgia Real Estate Principles provides a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of real estate in Georgia. It serves as the textbook for the basic real estate courses required by the Real Estate Commission, and it's also an excellent reference book for the real estate professional, incorporating the latest legal trends and business practices.

In addition, Georgia Real Estate Principles is an ideal study guide for those preparing to take their real estate licensing exam. It offers a range of proven study aids, including:

  • Chapter outlines
  • Illustrations and visual summaries
  • Boldface type to emphasize essential concepts
  • Chapter summaries
  • A terminology ("key words") section for each chapter
  • Chapter review quizzes with answers and explanations
  • A glossary that explains hundreds of real estate terms
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