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Principles of California Real Estate Textbook

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California Real Estate Principles Textbook - Rockwell Publishing real estate textbooks

18th Edition, 2017
David L. Rockwell and Kathryn J. Haupt
ISBN 978-1-939259-79-0
List Price: $51.95

Principles of California Real Estate gives you a complete overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of California real estate transactions. It serves as the basis for the real estate principles course required by the California Department of Real Estate. Principles of California Real Estate is also the perfect study aid for anyone preparing for the California salesperson licensing exam.

Principles of California Real Estate incorporates the latest real estate laws, regulations, and business practices. It includes a range of proven study aids such as illustrations, graphs, vocabulary reviews, summaries, quizzes with answers and explanations, and an extensive glossary. Principles covers:

  • the nature of real property,
  • estates in land and methods of holding and transferring property,
  • restrictions on land use,
  • real estate contracts,
  • real estate agency,
  • financing and appraisal,
  • the closing process,
  • real estate math, and
  • California real estate license law.

Principles of California Real Estate is also an excellent reference book for real estate professionals.

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